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Living The
Western Dream
What people are saying about Joyce's new CD


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"Living the Western Dream."

"I've been playing your album and can't stop playing it. It's really wonderful and Amy loves it, too. It's like a spring morning and it's refreshing to hear beautifully written material, beautiful melodies, beautifully recorded, great instrumentation. All of the above. It's a winner."
- Rusty Richards, songwriter, singer, member of the Sons of the Pioneers from 1963 to 1982

"Great storytelling and writing. The players did such a marvelous job of contributing to each song being a little jewel."- Sue Bredice, singer and songwriter

"Fukkin great record, your best to date, no question!" - Scott Cadenasso, singer, songwriter, audio engineer

"Joyce - it is more than songwriting skill you share here. You opened yourself up to let us see the humor, truth, and grit of life Living the Western Dream."
- Gency Brown, Western singer

"Your voice is like butter on a fresh cinnamon bun. You have the ability to evoke deep emotion, deep joy and light-hearted fun. This record is a multifaceted precious gem. Dare I say it's a masterpiece, yes I think so."
- Jo Nita Beede, singer, songwriter

"We spend summer evenings colling off in the backyard listening to music - an dyour entire new CD is our new favorite. I think the song "Living the Western Dream" is a favorite - in the exact rhythm of riding a horse! Most of your music seems to make me dream of being on the back of a horse!"
- Don and Diane MacDougall, (of "Don and Diane" fame)

"Ginger and the kids love it. A big congratulations on releasing to the world an amazing and authemtic album! - Kahlil Sabbagh, vibes player (on track 3)

"You weave such creative images and relatable stories. Such superb talent. I've been enjoying it immensely in my car where I listen to all my CD's since I do so much driving." - Candy Strock, The Happy Booker

Click here to listen to a sample of my award winning song
"If I Hadn't Seen the West."

"Joyce has a voice that can either break a heart or mend one." -- Pat S., Virginia

"Joyce Woodson's singing and songwriting are fresh and clean and clear as a mountain stream. Her tender, lyrical music is the best of contemporary western music and brings out the best in all of us." -- Ranger Doug Green, of Riders in the Sky (award winning Western music group)

"Joyce is a Western Mystic." -- Teresa Tudury, singer and songwriter (

Listening to Joyce Woodson is like having a cashmere blanket wrapped around you while sitting on a feather pillow. -- Mark Alciati from SummerSongs Songwriting Camp

"If you had a pile of vintage Sunset Magazines and it came with a soundtrack it would be Joyce's music. It's a masterpiece." -- Christina Ortega, Cowgirl Singer Extraordinair

"Joyce Woodson's newest Western CD, "If I Hadn't Seen the West" is one of the finest collections of Cowgirl Western music to ever come down the trail. Her music paints breath-taking images." - Bethany Braley, review from Day of the Cowboy Website April 2007

"Thanks for sending this new CD. It's absolutely a piece of western art. Your work will be deeply appreciated by lovers of all things western. I'll be giving it lots of airplay over the next few months." -- Marvin O'Dell, - Around the Campfire on

"I just finished listening to your CD and I was overwhelmed to say the least! Everything ... songs, instrumentation, singing style, everything ... was both inspirational and so very well done that I put this CD at the top of the list of my all time favorites! It does the ol' heart good to see such talent springing forth from you younger folks when it comes to writing and singing Western music. I only wish my friend, the late Bob Nolan, was around to hear some of your material. He would be amazed and very, very pleased, I'm sure." --
Dick Goodman, (original member of the western group The Reinsmen)

"I find your music almost ethereal in it's beauty - your voice, the words and melody and the backup." - Anette Bayley

Winner of the Will Rogers Academy of Western Artists
Best Female Performer of the Year and
Song of the Year
for the title song of my CD "If I Hadn't Seen the West"
from theWestern Music Association.



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